QC Undergraduate Science Research Day

On Tuesday October 8th, the Division of Math and Natural Sciences hosted an Undergraduate Science Research Day. THHS science teacher Mr. Phillip Porzio visited with his sophomore and junior science research classes. The Townsend Harris students heard several descriptive explanations of the lab work represented by each poster, including a presentation from Townsend Harris alumnus Jennifer Rojas (class of 2010) whose research is in neuroscience.  Ms. Rojas is currently a psychology major at Queens College and part of the Honors in the Mathematical and Natural Sciences program. For students interested in science, she passionate advocates obtaining a position in a research lab, both for the experience gained in methodology and practice, as well as for establishing connections which are the seeds of future projects and partnerships.

Undergrad Science_10.8.13 Undergrad Science_10.8.13_Rojas

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