Choosing QC Electives

Once the QC Admissions papers have been submitted, the students can move on to the more exciting aspect of choosing their Queens College elective for the upcoming semester.

Each student is required to fill out a THHS Bridge Year Queens College Elective Selection Sheet.  This form provides us with the information and flexibility to ensure each student receives a QC elective that not only fits into her schedule but is something she will be interested in studying for the semester.

After filling in the personal information section, the student then needs to choose which electives she is interested in taking.  We do not ask for specific class times… we only need a list of courses (in order of preference).  In order to see what courses are available for the specific upcoming semester, the students need to visit the Queens College Schedule of Classes.  There they can see what each department is offering and also read course descriptions and any possible pre-requisites to determine if the course is right for them.

Not only are the Townsend Harris Bridge Year students able to enroll in solid, introductory “101” courses such as in Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Urban Studies, they are also eligible for other special and variable topic* classes with no prerequisites such as:

Anthropology 103 – Introduction to Archaeology
Art History 115 – Principles of Architecture
Art Studio 191 – Basic Software for Design

Computer Science 48 – Spreadsheet Programming
East Asian Studies 209 – Structure of East Asian Languages [team-taught by three language experts]
Family, Nutrition & Exercise Sciences 104 – Social, Cultural, and Economic Aspects of Foods

Geology 25 – Natural Resources and the Environment
History 149 – Islamic Civilization 1517 to the Present
History 206 – From Alexander to Caesar

Journalism 100W – News Media
Linguistics & Communication Disorders 116 – Introduction to Morphology
Media Studies 241 – Multimedia

Philosophy 121 – Law, Ethics, and Medicine
Philosophy 160 – Business Ethics
Physics 7 – Physics of Musical Sounds

Political Science 102 – Current Political Controversies [some past topics include, Religion & Politics; Who Gets Foreign Aid & Why; Disappearing Bill of Rights; Politics of Inequality; How Democratic are US Elections; Guns, Drones, & Uses of Force; Technology: The Politics of Cyborgs; Shock of the New]
Political Science 246 – Social Movements & Political Power

*Please note that the college’s catalog of courses offered changes each semester, so these examples may or may not be available.

Often there are students who are overwhelmed with the choices or feel that there are no courses for them.  In such cases, the students can make appointments to meet with their THHS Guidance Counselors or with the CPP staff to discuss their personal concerns and goals.

Once we receive the completed Selection Sheets and the high school has provided us with the students’ programs, we are able to go over each Elective Selection Sheet and find open sections of the listed classes that fit into the student’s schedule.  If we come across any problems, we utilize multiple ways of contacting the student to discuss the situation (e-mail, telephone, THHS Guidance Counselors, etc.).

 Key Forms & Guides

QC Bridge Year Application Fall 2020

QC BridgeYear Meningitis Response Form

QC BridgeYear Elective Selection Sheet_Fall 2020

THHS Bridge Year Consent Form and Waiver Fall 2020


Bridge Year Handbook  March  2020

Important Bridge Year reminders  March 2020


Guidelines for Exploring Queens College Courses


THHS New Media track

Languages other than English




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