CPP Staff

Robin Hizme, Director

Robin holds an M.Phil in English (2006) and is currently a PhD candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center. Robin has extensive teaching experience CUNY-wide, including at Baruch, Hunter and John Jay; she has been a member of the Queens College English Department since 2001. Her connection to the collaboration dates from 2004, and over the years she has presented Humanities Colloquium lectures, participated in Visiting Professors Week, and team taught in the Humanities seminar.

Robin’s areas of specialization include medieval and early modern literature, although her teaching spans a broader field, encompassing contemporary lyric poetry, literary theory, as well as other eclectic topics. In addition to academic scholarship, professional interests include a focus on experiential learning, the use of technology, and other pedagogical practices aimed at effective teaching and learning. As director, she aims to expand the use of technology in the program, broaden the Visiting Professors program, and reinvigorate the college-readiness component of the collaboration.

joemerinobioJoseph Merino, Assistant to the Director

As an alumnus of the THHS Class of ‘88 and graduate of Queens College in February 1993 with a BA (English & Honors in the Humanities), Joseph has been involved continually with the Collaboration since its inception, becoming Assistant to the Director in  1992.  With this experience in mind, in 2000, the Queens College Provost’s Office tapped Joseph to be an advisor to CUNY’s College Now program at QC.  He continues to advise, counsel and administrate in both programs.

Aside from his administrative and counseling duties for CPP and CN, Joseph co-taught in the Humanities Seminar as a Student Teacher three semesters during his undergraduate years and has led various workshops with students on methods of integrating into college.  He has also, on occasion, acted as “substitute teacher” in the Humanities Colloquium and in a College Now History Foundations course.  He recently returned to the graduate program at Queens College to earn his MA in English Literature.

ediebaloghbioEdie Balogh, Administrative Assistant

While an undergraduate student in the Honors in the Western Tradition at Queens College, Edie became familiar with the THHS / QC Collaboration, including a semester as a Student Teacher in the Humanities Colloquium and a semester of Observation at THHS for a Secondary Education Foundations course.  She worked part-time in the QC Admissions office for over a year and then joined the staff of CPP in the Summer of 1995.

In February 1996, she received a BA in English with a Certificate for Honors in the Western Tradition and a Minor in Irish Studies, and has worked Full-Time with CPP ever since.  She also spent a few semesters as a part-time advisor to the College Now administration and as a counselor to CN students. Edie is currently pursuing an additional degree in Art History at Queens College.

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