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Established over 30 years ago, Honors in the Humanities (HTH) is the oldest honors program at Queens College. The HTH minor is designed for students who wish to explore and understand the origins and history of our contemporary artistic and intellectual culture. HTH’s full sequence of 8 courses (students must take at least six to graduate with Honors in the Humanities) is interdisciplinary in design and covers a broad range of fundamental works of literature, religion, history, philosophy, and art, and complements majors in any division of the college. HTH 101 and 102, the Freshman Humanities Colloqiua for THHS seniors, are situated under Queens College’s Honors in the Humanities Department.

Course Description: HTH 101, 102. Freshman Humanities Colloquium.
3 hr.; 3 cr. each sem. Prereq.: Open only to Townsend Harris High School seniors, with permission of the THHS Assistant Principal for Humanities. Selected readings from the classic texts of the Western Tradition, from the Bible and the Greeks to the present. The course emphasizes critical reading & writing and student-led discussion.  For Townsend Harris High School graduates who matriculate at Queens College, HTH 102 fulfills one Reading Literature (RL) course requirement under the PLAS General Education system, or one College Core course literature requirement under Pathways. HTH 101 counts as three elective credits towards graduation.

Read more about the courses on the Humanities Seminar page.

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