Collaboration with the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

CPP is working with the Queens College Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to identify and expand the opportunities for collaboration between the QC and THHS communities. Dean Larry Liebovitch and Associate Dean Matthew Huenerfauth are working with the AP of Math and Science, Susan Brustein, to establish substantial connections between QC faculty and THHS students. Targeted goals include:

  • assisting THHS underclassmen interested in medical careers to select electives helpful for pre-med for their bridge year electives
  • having QC students in the pre-med mentoring program and recent QC graduates now in medical schools meet with THHS students interested in medical careers.
  • establishing greater opportunities for THHS students to be mentored by QC faculty, including participation in lab research
  • initiating a science “lecture series” with faculty from QC presenting their work
  • identifing QC science colloquia that could be video conferenced from QC to THHS.

We are all excited about the future of the science partnership between QC and THHS. Please stay tuned for news of events and further updates:

  • October 8, 2013: Forging an early path to research for THHS underclassmen: 10th and 11th graders attend QC Undergraduate Science Research Poster Event.  Read more here.
  • October 23, 2013: THHS students receive award for work in QC lab. Read more here.
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