Technology Initiative

The first phase of CPP’s “Technology Initiative” aims to enhance student learning, increase digital literacies and elevate research, writing, and collaboration skills through the use of technology.

In fall of 2013, College Preparatory Programs secured iPad minis to pilot one “Hi-Tech” section of the Honors in the Humanities courses (HTH 101 & 102). Students registered in the section taught by Professor Chris Lore and Mr. Brian Sweeney were provided with iPad minis for the duration of the 2013-2014 academic year. This unique section of the Humanities Seminar utilized the devices and selected software to critically engage with the course content and to establish a salutary, collaborative learning environment.

For fall of 2014, we have expanded the iPad initiative to include two sections of the HTH 101 seminar. The devices enable us to explore a wider range of methods of instruction and assessment, including alternate or additional readings and assignments. Mr. Brian Sweeney is partnered with Professor Kelly Seufert and Professor Andrew Statum in the innovative “Seminar 2.0,” whose theme for fall 2014-spring 2015 is “Human and Inhuman: Speculative Fictions of the Western Tradition.”

To complement the readings for these particular sections, we have arranged for an alternate Humanities Lecture Series schedule.

The lectures provide students with valuable opportunities to interact with Queens College faculty, to approach texts from a variety of perspectives and to stress the continuing relevance of the text and its ideas to our contemporary moment. The Assistant Principal of Humanities at THHS, Rafal Olechowski, has each lecture recorded to create a rich library of resources for Humanities students.

2014-2015  “Seminar 2.0″ Faculty and Lectures: (Theme: Human/Inhuman: Speculative Fictions in the Western Tradition”)

  • “The Expulsion From Eden: Transgression and the Measure of Rapprochement” Professor Deborah Gruber (Classical, Middle Eastern and Asian Languages & Cultures)
  • “Milton, Satan, and the Politics of Heaven” Andrea Walkden, English Department, QC
  • “Social Contract Theory and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Reality and Rights in the State (of Nature)” Livia Woods, English Department, QC
  • “The Moebius Strip of Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale: Utopia/Dystopia” Carrie Hintz, English Department, QC and Grad Center, CUNY
  • “Research: Entering the Conversation” Andrea Walkden, English Department, QC
  • “Research: Formulating a Question” Livia Woods, English Department, QC


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