Visiting Professors Program

The Visiting Professors Program started in 2006 as a special week for THHS freshman and sophomore students during which Queens College Professors would visit select classes as guest lecturers to discuss the subject of study. Currently, the Visiting Professors Program is available throughout the year, and visits are based on appropriate junctures in the high school course curricula.

The QC professors are recruited from the various Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Science divisions at the college.  The purpose of Visiting Professors is to highlight interesting topics within the subject fields, introduce students to experts in these disciplines, and facilitate scholarly discussion about the opportunities for further study and even future careers within those fields.  Additionally, more opportunities are created for mentoring between QC faculty and THHS underclassmen (such as those that exist currently between those involved the Social Science Quality of Life and Intel Science/Social Science Research Competitions) and between the college and high school faculty.

Spring 2014 Showcase: Sociology Research Collaboration

Mr. Alex Wood of Townsend Harris High School and Professor Kristine Rosales of Queens College teamed up to help Mr. Wood’s students prepare, work on and perfect their Social Science projects. Each student collected data to analyze and test their own personal hypothesis. Mr. Wood had been working diligently and closely with his students, and he asked Professor Rosales to come offer some expertise and guidance.

Professor Rosales came to Mr. Wood’s Social Science class four times between December and February, progressively introducing the students to concepts and tools necessary for social science research and data analysis, including an introduction to concepts, variables, and data analysis software. The final two meetings were devoted to providing individualized feedback to students about their projects.

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